Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Slaanesh Daemon Prince

I love this model.  AFAIK, it's based on an illustration from the Chaos Space Marine codex from a few editions ago.

I loved the illustration then and love it still.  It was one of the things that drew me to Chaos and inspired me.  So when I had the chance to buy a used version of this daemon prince for cheap, I leapt at it.  This model inspired me to learn about simple green and I've since started salvaging older models.

I added on the wings myself, but I'm only showing the front of the model because it wasn't a beautiful green stuff job.  I've done some good work with green stuff, but this is not one of them (it's fine, just not great).  Still, I'm very happy with the model overall. He's also pure metal (including the wings), so he's the heaviest model in my collection along with my completely metal Hive Tyrant.

He's painted in the colours of my Slaanesh warband, the Eternal.

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