Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Bloodthirster On The Horizon

I've just found out that our local club (Hogtown 40k) is having a 1850pt tournament in June and that there will be a painting rubric that rewards conversions as well as straight up painting.

My Khorne Daemonkin army is reasonably well painted and is fairly cool looking, so I'm hoping to give it a centrepiece that can really push it over the edge and (hopefully) grab me best painted.  I have never won best painted, but we all have to have a goal to strive for.

After the last such tournament, I was so jazzed at having a rubric that I went home and painted a chaos knight (I'll put up some pictures of him in a bit), and I took some time to do some good freehand on him.  As good as he looks, I'm hoping that this bloodthirster pushes him down into second place.

The plan is to start from the Forgeworld Khorne Daemon Prince, which is one of the coolest models existing. Ever.  I happen to have an extra damaged one (it's damaged in the back where the I will put the wings, so no loss here).

I want to have it perched on a building, crouching staring at the battlefield, with its wings high overhead.  I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I'll post up some of my INQ28 progress tomorrow.

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