Monday, March 6, 2017

Grey Knight WIP

Hi all.  I'm testing out a new colour scheme for a few Grey Knights.  These are meant to attach to my Inquisitor's force, so I probably will only need to paint it over 10-20 models.

Some background:

  1. I generally prefer to use non-metal metals (NMM). I often catch flack for this (especially from B Grimm), so let me explain by way of analogy - I often find that people will just freeze their fashion at some point in their lives (usually 20s/30s).  After that point, their style doesn't tend to evolve that much, they just wear the same thing because it's them and it's what they've always worn.  It's why you'll occasionally see people who look like they've stepped straight out of the 80s or 90s.  What does this have to do with painting?  NMM was all the rage when I started to come into my own as a painter, and although I still paint metallics here and there, I find that I keep going back to NMM.
  2. I always like to personalize a colour scheme.  Occasionally I still paint close to codex-colours, but I will always do at least one thing that's my own. This test model is still pretty close to codex approved, but I've gone with pink instead of gold.  I've also used blue to offset the pink because: a) I think it looks great, and b) those are the colours of my inquisitor's army and I want these guys to fit in.
  3. I like to have colour schemes that are easy to paint.  These guys are very easy.  Lay down a light grey as a base and then paint the blue, pink and beige basecoats. Then wash the entire model in a generous black wash. Then highlight back up.  I can't really drybrush it, because the colours are in too close together, but also because I think these guys need to look clean and crisp, and that's the opposite of dry-brushing.
What do you guys think?  Any suggestions?  I'm thinking I might try to shade up parts of the armour closer to white in a few spots, but all in all, I'm really pleased with how this guy turned out and I can't wait to send him against some daemons.

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