Tuesday, March 28, 2017

INQ28: Edwim the Pilgrim

I wanted to show everyone one of my latest INQ28 projects. Meet Edwim, the pilgrim.

Edwim is from Spire Gamma on the world of Neroter. Neroter is a world covered with one giant ocean. It is teeming with life - the ocean is full of fish and other creatures. Humanity has also made its home both on the water and in giant spires which rise from the ocean floor and tower up into the clouds. These spires were standing empty when humanity discovered the planet millennia ago. As it is wont to do, humanity went and made the spires its home.

Edwim is a good man, as could be expected from a pilgrim. But Edwin is not that pious. His wife, whom he loves more than his life, is wasting away from a rare neuro-degenerative disease. As poor fishers, they couldn't afford expensive aug-neural treatments. So Edwim has left his poor wife in the hands of the local Sisters of Salvation, rented his fishing raft to his neighbour and taken off in search of the legendary Delatrix Chapel. All he carries with him are his shark pole, used to protect his raft from the ever hungry local wildlife and his late uncle's autopistol.

Legend has it that any pilgrim which manages to make it to Chapel Delatrix will be granted youth and health.  Edwim's wife wasn't well enough to make the trip, so she prepared a token to make the trip in her stead.  He wears the token around his neck, a constant reminder of the burden he bears for his love.

Unfortunately, the Chapel has not been seen in the last year, so Edwim is travelling to Spire Alpha, which is near its last known location.


This was one of those models that just seemed to come together as I built him. I originally had another goal in mind, but each addition I made suggested the next addition.  It was a pleasure.

I (re?)learned that I need to be more patient with my green stuff.  It was a bit messier than it could have been.  I'm fairly sure it'll turn out well after painting, but I'll guess we'll know in time.  The body and gun is from one of the chaos cultists, the head is from the bretonnian archer sprue and the pole-ax from the men-at-arms sprue.  The heart I think was from one of the bretonnian boxes, but I honestly cannot remember which.

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