Thursday, April 13, 2017

Castellans of the Imperium

Hey folks,

I finally finished painting all my minis for Astro. I am bringing a Castellan of the Imperium detachment with mostly Black Templars on foot. In order not to get wiped out first turn, I took Coteaz and I gave one of the new relics from Gathering Storm to my Marshal (Captain) - Desvalle’s Holy Circle (35pts) – Bearer has a 4+ Invulnerable. Enemy units cannot Deep-Strike within 12″ of the bearer. If they scatter within 12″ of the Bearer, they suffer an automatic Deep Strike Mishap. This means I have a 48 inch bubble (12" radius for the Holy circle and 12" circle for Coteaz with the Grav cents) where it is very dangerous for people to try to alpha strike me. From then on, Celestine tanks wounds for an honest to god assault marines squad with jump packs and a captain with a jump pack. Hammernators round up the list for additional cc threat. Played a couple of games last weekend and did well. I still think top armies will mop the floor with me, but it was very fun to play and suprisingly effective. Also helps that Coteaz makes every unti obj sec (other than the pod). I am practicing this weekend against a very strong list (mechanicum with Belasius Cawl) and will report on how it went. Even if I get trounced, I am just happy that I found a way to make my BTs and assault marines with jump packs work! I am currently working on my nice army list, but below are the photos I took of the minis. Hope you enjoy them



  1. I really like the force! I may have to pick up Fall of Cadia, as I've not seen the rules for this detachment - but I really like the concept.

    Out of interest, what models did you use to make the Hammernators? And do they just use standard Terminator rules? Thanks!

    1. Hi Nick. Thanks for the comment. I actually do not know re the terminators. One of my favourite thing to do is what I call model rescue. I spend a lot of time on eBay to find awesome conversions, but where the paint job is lacking. I then spend a lot of time on making the paint job better. The shields are forgeworld and the hammers are standard GW. I am playing them as regular termies.