Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Belisarius Cawl - the Unkillable HQ

As mentioned in my last post, I had a couple of games last weekend against a mechanicum army featuring Cawl. My opponents' list included two rangers units, two Kataphron units (3 models each) with grav, two big robots tooled up for shooting and their accompanying priest, 2 onager dunecrawlers (one neutron laser and one icarius array) and of course Cawl himself.

Overall, while I lost both games, I have to say that my list did better than I thought it would. We tied on the primary in the first game, but I lost on the secondaries. I would have won the second game, but I made a big mistake that proved to be my undoing. Would have won on objectives had the game ended on turn 5 or 6, but sadly the dice abandoned me and it went to turn 7 and I got tabled.

The first mission was kill points based, which favoured the mechanicum. The second mission was objectives based, which favoured me and my heavy obj sec list. I am pretty happy with my list and I am looking forward to playing 6 full games with it at Astro.

One thing that I wanted to share, however, is that Cawl is absolutely unkillable. In the future, I will just ignore him and kill stuff around him. Massed grav armies, Tau and Eldar may be able to put him down, but I seriously question whether it is worth it. For those of you that don't know what he does, here is a good article from frontline gaming (

Anyhow, the games were super fun and I think the list I faced is a very tough match-up for my list, but I still had fun and was within striking distance the whole time. All you can ask for really.

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