Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Inquisitorial Army

Here's a post about lists and rules rather than models and fluff.

I've been rather smitten with Codex: Imperial Agents (largely because of models and fluff) and decided I would make myself a 1,250 pt army.  I want it to be reasonably effective but don't need it to be the most powerful out there. So here is what I have so far for the army of Dominus Gustav:

Inq Formation 1

100 Dominus (counts-as Coteaz)
116 Henchmen warband (4 acolytes, 2 with plasma gun, mystic, crusader in chimera)

383 - 10 Grey knight terminators (2 hammers, 1 stave, 4 halberds, 1 psycannon, 2 swords)

Inq Formation 2

25 Inquisitor
153 - 3 acolytes (one mystic) in valkyrie w/ lascannon

Allied Astra Militarum CAD

60 - Company command

155 - veterans with 2 plasma in chimera
101 - veterans with forward sentries, 3 sniper rifles and commissar

70 - Hydra
65 - wyvern

Total - 1228 pts (22 remaining)

The idea is that I have two chimeras with plasmas firing out of the hatch, a hydra and a wyvern holding my back field and a unit with some cammo and sniper rifles to take up position in cover and take some shots.  The grey knights can split into two ObSec combat squads (thanks Coteaz) and they can deepstrike in without scattering next to either of the mystics (one of which will be in a flyer zooming about the battlefield).

The biggest weakness is it's lack of anti armour. It has 4 plasma shots and one lascannon, but that's not going to be worth much if someone brings 3 leman russ. I also won't be able to use Dominus' psychic powers while he's cooped up in the chimera taking pot shots.

I'm thinking it might make sense to take off the "forward sentries" and commissar and maybe the crusader to be able to afford two jokaeros which will give me another 2 lascannon shots. OR, maybe I want to drop the AM altogether and just load up on inquistors and their acolytes zooming around in valkyries.  Thoughts?  

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  1. Jokaeros are awesome and would help the list. Servitors can also pack a surprising anti-armour punch too coupled with a divination inquisitor. Super fun to kit-bash too.