Saturday, February 18, 2017

Drop pod to dreadclaw conversion

Hello folks,

As an avid chaos player, I love dreadclaws. Even in 40K when they eat your models, it is an absolutely necessary tool to being competitive with chaos list. When I got into 30K, I wanted to do word bearers as I just love their fluff and the novels. I quickly focused on the rite of war called "Last of the Serrated Suns", which is basically a drop list. I figured I needed three dreadclaws, particularly since they have inertial guidance and don't eat your models in 30K, but did not want to shell out for the forgeworld model. Don't get me wrong, I love the model and own one for my 40K death guard, but I just couldn't justify the cost. I therefore spent a bunch of time on the internet and found a great conversion tutorial by greenstuff industries ( Actually pretty easy to follow, even for a very amateur converter like me. The one modification I made is that, instead of using plasticard for the bottom, I used the round part of the cap for the pill bottle the superglue "hot stuff" comes in. I include a pic below of the bottle and the cap. You basically remove the clear plastic from the inside of the cap and cut out the border to make a flat piece.

Bottom line is that I liked the concentric circles as I thought it looked a little bit more like the original model. Anyway, below are a few pics of the finished product before painting and what the painted model looks like once finished. I recommend this easy conversion for anyone who wants to include multiple dreadclaws in a list, but either can't shell our the forgeworld price tag or can't handle re-casters. As a bonus, since we are talking dreadclaws, I include below a few pics of my death guard "proper forgeworld" dreadclaw.

As I am always trying to work with plastic rather than resin, I had an idea to convert a nephilim jet fighter into a primaris lightning. Should be super easy to do, but if it works it means a plastic model at half the price for my word bearers!!! I'll write a separate post about that experience once I have done the conversion.

Happy converting everyone.

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