Friday, September 8, 2017

(Exciting) New Kickstarter: Chronicles the Game

So, I've just come across this pretty neat kickstarter for a miniature wargame where the players are characters within the storyline and drive the narrative.

The gameplay seems decent (i.e. easy to learn while still with some depth and complexity), and the models look great, but most exciting is that your battles, painted models, conversions and written fiction will drive the narrative forward.

I won one of their instagram contests and received a werebear. It was a high quality model and was super easy to prime and paint.

I'm not a huge fan of monopose models, but the poses are at least quite good and I think it'll be pretty easy to take a hobby saw to them and repose a few things so that every model is unique (and if you're already a gamer with lots of extra bits, the sky is your limit).

I'd like to play it, it just needs to get funded first!

So thought I would leave this here in case a few others were interested: CHRONICLES THE GAME KICKSTARTER.

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