Friday, May 12, 2017

Thoughts on my first game of AoS

So I recently bought the Blades of Khorne battletome and two night's ago I showed up at B. Grimm's house with my battletome, a few dice, and 2,120 points of bloody khornate daemons.

It was a lot of fun.  B Grimm edged me.  His mournghouls were stars of the show - they held up units for long periods of time and slowly ripped everything to shreds.  With their excellent saves and regeneration, there wasn't much I could do to them.  Of course, I also made the mistake of sending my little guys after it instead of my big monsters. When my big monsters finally squared up against them, his rolling was a bit better and they won. I need to give my guys some buffs to hit...

This guy is going to have to do better next time if he expects khorne to continue to smile on him...

I can tell that when we both better understand the rules and our army, that the game is going to flow very fast.  Much faster than 40k used to (which was frankly one of the biggest road blocks in playing more 40k).  I've been poring over my battletome since the game, studying it and getting ready for the rematch.


  • The alternating choice of attacking order (meaning that you still have strategic decisions to make even in the opponent's turn).
  • The nature of the scenario we played where objectives were worth a number of points equal to the value of the turn.  Even though B Grimm won with 2 points (the objectives were either not captured or contested every other turn), it meant that the game was still wide open until the very last second.
  • When two of my bloodthirsters crashed into a unit of 60 zombies and between them killed about 33 zombies which meant another 18 or so were pulled off the table due to battleshock (although I should note that they had wiffed two turns in a row on those same zombies, so it was about time! - Khorne was about to get very upset with them...)


  • Models can be removed from anywhere in the unit, even out of line of sight. It means that you can kill 20 models, but as long as the unit is big enough, everyone near you is still going to be able to attack back.

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